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Our love dolls are made of environmentally friendly components. Batting, soft polyurethane foam and fabric with Lycra. Leather of dolls has a nice silky texture that is close to the feeling of the human body, giving a warm and pleasant feeling that are lacking silicone and latex sex dolls.

 Sim TD6

Is not necessary specifically to heat the doll. It in a natural way as any soft toy receives and gives heat.

Legs are beautiful and elegant .

Sleep Textile Doll 03 

Buttocks are round and supple.


 Chest is full and soft.

Fiona Textile Doll 03 

 Faces are realistic and interesting.

Textiledoll goldilocks 02 

 Face is possible to choose from offered options. Each doll has a wig with long silky hair that you can choose from the options. Wig on head held special fasteners. Each doll has a base set of lingerie and sexy stockings.

  Marcella Textile Doll 02 

  Doll's head is solid, formed by sculpture method of glued tissues and realistically painted with oil paints. Realistic eyes are made at a special factory in the United States.

Textile love doll can take a variety of poses, within a reason. Head can be tilted forward and backward, right and left in any position. Spine allows giving a doll the most flexible position. Knees have kneecaps and bends realistically.

Ines Textile Doll 10 

Wrists and elbows have a realistic range of motions. Fingers are flexible, can do a variety of gestures, hold light objects.

Flexible toes.


 Hands and feet have realistic acrylic nails.

Our Textile love dolls are high-quality adult toys and are supplied with a special soft intimate insert.

  Size of dolls varies depending on your selected parameters. Body weight up to 8 kg. Lightweight while the actual dimensions of the human body provide a great advantage to our dolls on the market of dolls. They can easily be manipulated, unlike superheavy silicone dolls.

The doll is very light.

Kirsty TD 

 Textile love doll can be put in your home for everyone to see, as interior decoration, each of them is a work of art, hand-crafted for you in one copy.

Loli Textile Doll 12 

Affordable price.Textile sex doll has an affordable price and is therefore preferable for doll lovers who want to increase their collection or as a first doll, with which you can play and have fun.

   001 Lilit Textile Doll 16

Recommendations for care: caring attitude.