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  We put at your disposal, developed by us high quality Textile female "love dolls", to which we achieve to give maximum similarity with a living human body, not only in appearance but also tactile sensations. Different parts of love dolls´ body have differ in softness so touching it gives the feeling of touching the skin of a living person.

   Textile "sex dolls" have the real size of a female body.

   Our love dolls are handmade, by "soft sculpture" method with quality materials. This is mainly a variety of fabrics, batting and high quality flexible polyurethane foam. The "love doll" has a strong realistic skeleton, simulating human’s, as well as flexible joints. Skeleton design allows you to give the doll almost any position, which can take a real girl. 

   Sex Doll's head is solid, formed by sculpture method of glued tissues and realistically painted with oil paints. 

   Textile "love doll" can be dressed up with the ladies' ordinary clothes that you want to see on your doll. Each Textile "love doll" is manufactured individually. 

  Textile "love sex dolls" can be a work of art, home or business interior decoration, means of demonstrating fashion apparel, model for photos, friend or companion.

  In the Textile Sex Doll you can also install any masturbators "Cyber Skin" , which you prefer.

                                                 Also we offer torsos for owners of  sex toys "Fleshlight".